This is Oilfield Instrumentation’s real-time data acquisition monitoring system – “RigVision”. This app allows users to view their wells from their favorite iOS device. Graphs, Maps, Real-time Text and Reports are all part of this application. Note- You must be an authorized user to view any data. For more information, please view our website


What’s New

Version History – May 1, 2023 Version 2.0

This version gives the users access to more Well information to assist them in the evaluation of their Well. Now we have live Pipe Tally, Directional, Survey, Trips, and Rig Activities screens. Additionally, we have added expanded reporting functions within our IADC package and “Well Alerts”. “Well Alerts” allow the users to choose a rig activity or parameters to send Email, Text, or Push Notifications when the event is triggered.

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Android version is scheduled to be released mid-Summer 2023