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The result of more than 20 years of research and development in coordination with our users, EMS IV provides 13 configurable monitoring screens, alerts, security features, individual user preferences and instant messaging. These combine to provide the most comprehensive solution available for rig site monitoring.

Features of the EMS IV include:

  • 13 Standard Screens (Configurable)

  • Create-Your-Own Screens: Design your own screens using a simple drag and drop interface. Create as many screens as you need. Exporting is available to share your screens with other users or to take with you to other locations.

  • Acceptance of Data From Multi-Sources: Besides viewing, storing and printing data provided by Oilfield Instrumentation’s Data Acquisition Network, the EMS IV can accept W.I.T.S. feeds via a serial or TCP/IP Ethernet. Data from vendors such as MWD and mud logging companies can be integrated with OI’s data to provide one system to view all of the Rig’s data.

  • Accountability Logging: The EMS IV tracks the actions of each user. Each activity is time stamped with the user’s name and workstation. Some of the activities include:

    • Alarms – Track alarms status in, out and acknowledge
    • Resetting Parameters – Change depth or bit depth, reset pump strokes or gain/losses, calibrate parameters, zero block
    • Tracks screens
    • Log in/out
    • Instant messaging
  • Secure Login: Each user has a login account. This allows for the rig administrator to assign user rights to restrict or allow access to certain features or data. This also allows the users to create or customize their screens or reports without affecting other users.

  • Activity Codes: Allows user to enter activity codes during drilling to allow for analysis of time breakdown for all of the rig’s activities.

  • Ad Hoc Reporting: Create reports on the fly using the EMS IV report wizard. Once the report is created, it can then be saved as a report template to be used later. Data can be exported in the following formats: PDF, JPG, LAS, CSV, Excel and MS Word.

  • Electronic Circular Chart: Choose up to six parameters to plot on a circular chart. Never have to change chart paper or pens again.

  • Individual User Preference: User can customize screens, reports and alarms to fit their needs. The screens are saved with the user’s profile. To access their screens all they have to do is log into any PC on the system using their personal user name and password.

  • Instant Messaging: Broadcast messages or have a private chat with anyone on the system. Automatic reminders can be scheduled to send messages to one or all of the users (once, hourly, daily or weekly).

EMS-IV graph

For more information on how we can provide EMS IV for your company, send us an email or call our corporate office.